Thursday, March 03, 2011

Friday Nostalgia

Just some old Aussie Posters to fill a Friday.
Ice Cream, Biscuits, Holden cars and Holiday Destinations.

What will your weekend bring?
Melbourne is looking forward to sunny days in the 20s.
Perfect for catching up on some home maintenance I'm told.
Tell you more later.


  1. I have just had some nostalgia on my blog but your posters are more interesting! Lucky you 20C, it is 1C outside now at mid-day with a bitter North wind :((( Diane

  2. We have similar weather to Diane in the UK, but may 5C at midday, so also envious! These nostalgic posters are great, do you collect them?

  3. FF&L - It's 5.39 am and I just thought I might read a few blogs before I meet my friends for our morning ride. Enjoyed your 7 things. Very interesting and will also catch up on the other blogs on the weekend. Love to ask more questions but need to run.

  4. LLM - Finding it a bit colder in the mornings now. Maybe that's why I posted some beach and Ice Cream nostagia.
    I collect the nostalgia from our archival websites. Like the before/after scenes of Melbourne and may use some soon. We've lost a lot of grand buildings through vandalism under the guise of progress.

  5. Lovely old posters, from a more gentle age, I think.

    It's perishing cold here and we're into our 6th month of cold weather. Aaaaarghhhhh....

  6. It will get warmer Jean, soon I hope for you.
    Here its not so much a difference with our winter hardly getting to the low single figures at worst.


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