Friday, March 18, 2011

1956 Melbourne Olympic Velodrome

The Olympic Velodrome in Melbourne was built for 1956 Melbourne Olympic velodrome. As a 14 year old I had my first experience of racing on the boards.

Us KIDS had the wonderful experience of rubbing shoulders with the. then greats of Australian and International cyclists - the Germans, Swiss, Italians, Brits and French raced here during their winter to enjoy our summer.

The Program below is of a meeting not long after the Olympic Games. Initially the track was built to International Olympic standard of 330 metres but later was shortened to 250 metres which offered the spectators a more thrilling experience. For the Games, the wooden surface was covered by concrete but when the track was modified, the boards were exposed and as you entered the venue, spectators would hear the rattle of the boards as the riders were warming up.

Yes it was a far cry from the modern indoor velodromes of today......I'm glad I had the experience of this era.


  1. I have never got beyond cycling on the road, I am sure this must be fun. Diane

  2. And very, very scarey for the first time.


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