Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tall Ship in Port Phillip Bay

As I travel home from work each day, I cross the Yarra River on the Bolte Bridge. From the top of the bridge you get a great view of the city and the bay. Sometimes you can see visiting Ocean Liners docked at Port Melbourne.

The Bridge, one of two great bridges in Melbourne spanning the river outlets into Port Phillip Bay.

This week however, a tall ship sailed into Melbourne's Port Phillip bay. Sailing through the heads it echoed the scenes of the 1800s. This ship was on a re-enactment journey of the Charles Darwin's adventures on the Beagle.

"The Dutch tall ship Stad Amsterdam sailed into Williamstown yesterday on a journey into the past and an exploration of the future. The three-masted clipper is following the route of HMS Beagle on which Charles Darwin made his voyage of discovery 178 years ago. It led to Darwin's theory of evolution and the publication of On The Origin of Species.
The ship began its nine-month voyage in Britain in September and has sailed to Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Tahiti.(From the Age newspaper)
After its Melbourne visit, it will sail to Adelaide and Perth followed by Mauritius and South Africa.
The Stad Amsterdam was accompanied by tall ships Young Endeavour, One and All, and Enterprize for its arrival yesterday after sailing from Sydney."

In the background is Melbourne's skyline seen from Williamstown.

Today is only three weeks before we fly out to Paris when this blog will change its name to "Melbourne Our Home but holidaying in Paris" or something like that.


  1. Interesting picture seeing the past mixing with the present.
    I hope the weather will be nice for your trip to France.

  2. We had our last day of summer here today as we journey towards Autumn.
    Paris in spring sounds good to us.

  3. What an impressice sight! Belgian radio is currently running a contest for 12 to 18 year olds about how they imagine the world in a thousand years (3009!). First prize is a week aboard this large clipper when it will be sailing along the coast of South Africa in the spring next year.

    Have you started packing yet? :)

  4. Most of the trip is now organised and packing will start soon I guess.
    That was a brutal storm over France and I see that Ken And Walt have not posted for 2 days. Possibly they have lost power and communications. We await their next blog to hear that all is OK.


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