Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Funky Boys

Our boys have a band called "In Tongues"!!!
Don't even ask, I don't know what it means or even where it comes from.

Just recently the "Tote" closed its doors due to laws introduced by the Victorian Government that enforced that there needed to be more security bogans than patrons. A very sad situation for live music in Melbourne. On this night the boys headed the bill.

In tongues, in action

Andy Sims - lead guitarist and writer of music.

Do I understand their music, did my parents understand mine - does it matter?
They enjoy what they're doing - they're good boys and we are extremely proud that they have a passion.

Mitch Sims, the dynamic drummer and cool dude wearing the "In Tongues" T-shirt.

Mitch and Andrew started music as teenagers, now they are in their 20s and gradually gaining a following. No covers for these boys: Andy, Luke, Mitch, Starbuck and Jack pen their own music.
It's not Van Morrison, Phil Collins or Rod Stewart, maybe closer to, well I can't really give you any insight at my age.
All I know is that people within their peer group like what they are doing (and I do to).
Any way, here's a link to their "myspace" site.

And a review or three.
"Their time changes work in effortlessly and the two guitarists compliment each other like twin sisters dancing in their bedrooms (what does that even mean?), they’re perfect. The lead guitarist dances better than most do without the awkwardness of a guitar hanging from their shoulders. His hair is fantastic also. These things are important in cool bands. The bass player, like all good bass players, goes unnoticed. I’m sure he must have done a good job."

"...the infectious angular rhythms of Melbourne's In Tongues swept up into my legs and into my hips making my pelvis gyrate, thrust and shake in time with their beautiful jangly tunes. The vocalist had the most ridiculous and I mean ridiculous, yet sensational way of dancing I have ever seen. This got the crowd into the show, because obviously they wanted to join in on the fun, and were safe in the knowledge that no matter how stupid a move they pulled out... the frontman was likely to bust an even sillier one. Fantastic."
Beat Magazine 09/09/2009

"Post-Punk, Noise Rock, whatever you choose to call it is a tough genre. Unless you are a die-hard fan of the genre itself the music can be very difficult to swallow. In Tongues however, seem to have enough of a footing in the indie and new wave camps that it allows them to write music that is not only more accessible, but actually pretty damn good. Not to mention they did put on a bitchin' live show."

Beware and turn the sound down if you are under 30.

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