Monday, February 08, 2010

Home Made Pasta

Sue and Leon's Pasta Making night.

Our entree was Tasmanian oysters with spring onion and a few drops of Verjuice

I was a keen cook way back 30 something years ago when Leon and I met. He was keen for us to move in together, (it was a mutual decision) and on one occasion told me that he too was a pretty good cook and would like to cook me a meal. Great! I was to just sit in another room with a glass of wine and wonderful spag bol would soon come my way. So far so good eh? Then came the concerned voice from the kitchen, "Sue, I've just forgotten how long you boil the meat for." (I don't believe that to be true Sue)
The pasta is rolled into shape before being inserted to our little machine

And that is why I've done all the cooking for the last 30 something years. 
Oh well, can't have everything I s'pose. (Yes, but who cleans up afterwards. Honestly, she is the messiest cook)

 The pasta being threaded through - about 3 times at different thicknesses. The only reason you see Sue's hands was coz I took the photos, true dinks!!!!

All that changed a week or so ago when Leon decided to get involved to help make pasta. I have a simple but wonderful recipe for prawns cooked in a lemony, garlic sauce. It is much nicer with freshly made pasta. (It was special, but I put that down to my pasta making)

We have this terribly technical way of storing the freshly made strands of pasta by using a broom handle across two benches.
Happy to pass the recipe on if anyone's interested.
The pictures tell the story. He did most of the pasta rolling (the food processor makes the dough in this house)

No, it wasn't two serves for me and one for Sue. The other was for our son, but I did eat the left  overs and took the balance for lunch the following day.

The pasta was silky and the dinner was delicious.
My question now is, how long till the impulse comes to him again.
It was fun. (Yes it was fun, but guess which little black duck had to do the cleanup afterwards)


 This close up reminds me of how silky smooth the pasta was. and all washed down with a chilled Sauvignon Blanc of course.


  1. Making your own pasta always looks like such fun but I have never got as far as getting a pasta machine.

    The finished dish looks delicious.

  2. It is fun Jean, and the machines don't cost much. Another thing to find room to store though!

  3. Sue, I made pasta once, during a teambuilding event at the office. It was much harder work than I thought. Your pasta dish looks lovely and I'm sure the fresh pasta made it taste even better. If you have a sec, I'd love to have the recipe!


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