Thursday, February 04, 2010

In the course of daily work

My work takes me to various areas of Melbourne everyday - that's why it's worth having the little Canon pocket camera. You never know what might present itself at any time.
Yesterday took me down to the bayside outer suburb of Mornington and Mount Eliza to see one of our clients.

The sky was cloudless and the bay was like a millpond. As I passed the vineyard between Mornington and Mount Eliza, I took a side road that I had never before been down. It was rather steep and came to a dead end to a small car park. A few people, probably locals were enjoying a walk in the shallows and taking in a short walk before the temperture rose into the 30s later in the day.

Time to get back in the car and return to the office..............................

The vines in the foreground are covered in a thin gauze to protect them from the birds. Looking into the background, the bay can be seen on the horizon. What a perfect spot to have a vineyard.

Further on past the vineyard and finishing at a dead end was this picture perfect almost deserted (except for locals) beach.


  1. Leon, Is this in the heart of Australian wine country or is it just an occasional vineyard?

  2. It's the Mornington Peninsula wine growing district, known mainly for its whites and Pinot Noir.
    Other Victorian wine growing districts include the Yarra Valley, the North East and down along the Bellarine district near Geelong as well as further across in Western Victoria.
    Do you think people would be interested if I did a blog for each district in the future?

  3. I think some people would be interested on each district but only if you have the passion to do it and the time.


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