Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's a ritual really - Sunday morning I get home from my ride and we wander off for brunch somewhere in Melbourne. This week it was Williamstown.

From the Williamstown website.
"In November, 1835 Captain Robson Coltish, master of barque NORVAL sailed from Launceston, then ventured over the waters of Bass Strait with a cargo of 500 sheep and 50 Hereford cattle which had been consigned to these virgin shores by Dr. Alexander Thomas. After reaching the coastline of Port Phillip, Captain Robson chose the area we now know as Port Gellibrand, as a suitable place to unload his cargo. Within weeks of the first consignment, a stream of vessels began making their way across Bass Strait. "

Before the Westgate bridge was built, Williamstown wasn't as accessible from the eastern suburbs where we live. The bridge was being built in 1970 but was delayed by a disaster when a span of the bridge collapsed into the murky waters below. The link below is from the ABC news.
I remember the day as a young lad of 20 and my future brother inlaw John worked at BP and was located in Newport just up from Williamstown. He heard the sound of the bridge span collapsing.
The suburb today is still a little bit of a backwater due to its location to us easterners, but definately worth the visit.
After a short walk up Nelson Place we decided to have brunch at Breizoz, a French Creperie. It's located in an old bank building. It brought some memories back on our trips to France as we have always enjoyed our crepes and galettes.

I think the best that we have ever had was in the small village of Mirabeau, up the road from Poitier on our way to Chinon in the Loire. We went to a local bar inquiring if a meal was available as it was around 1.00 pm but were told that there was a creperie around the corner. We were asked where we were from and saying Australia, one of the patrons said he had spent time in Brisbane. Anyway, I digress. The Madam behind the bar said,"follow me." Who are we to argue? I love a dominant woman.
She took us behind a small church and around a winding street to this small entrance and said this was where we could have an enjoyable lunch.
After stepping across a sleeping female boxer, dog that is, we entered the establishment and were ushered to the most peaceful courtyard where we had the never to be equalled to date galettes.
The guard dog of our Mirabeau Creperie on the way to Chinon. Doesn't she look vicious?????

Ooops. I'm digressing again, this is about Williamstown isn't it?

Anyway, the chef is from Brittany, Jean-Marie Blanchot and his partner Catherine Ryan create a lovely ambience within the building. I had a cider with my Mushroom Galette and Sue had a miguez sausage and tomato Galette. Read more on their website.
The old bank building that is now the Creperie.

Being a bit of a backwater, many of the buildings have been preserved and several hotels, and there were many in it's heyday, have been transformed into eating houses. After our brunch we took a quiet drive around the backstreets of Williamstown and were rewarded with sights of the old ship building yards and some grand homes of the ship captains of the past.

Part of the street scene of Nelson Place

This weekend starting from Friday night has been a bit of cooking frenzy for Sue, so I expect we will have a few mid-week blogs for you. I am a lucky man.
You might like to check out Williamstown further by following the link below.

Looking across from Williamstown, Melbourne glimmers through the morning heat of 30+ degrees

This fountain was erected by a local tee-totaller Reverend for the weary seafearing traveller, although I suspect that most went to the many hotels that were in abundance during these times.

Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours.


  1. Leon, We had some lovely gallettes too when we were travelling in Brittany in the 90-ties. I once tried to make buckwheat savoury crèpes myself and it was really easy, although I couldn't get them as 'thin' as the 'bretons'. It's the buckwheat that is hard to find though.

  2. I don't think I have ever had a bad gallette in France - Sue will be sending you an email with a recipe soon.
    I have a few "Sue" cooking bolgs saved up, one of Kangaroo

  3. I love galettes. They are extremely nutritious, too, buckwheat flour is apparently very good for you.

    We will seek out that creperie in Mirabeau - we always like a bit of exploration followed by a good lunch !

    These are great photos and how I envy you your sunshine.


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