Friday, January 01, 2010

Storms over Port Phillip Bay on New Year's Eve

The previous night we were sailing in calm conditions on Port Phillip Bay (see previous post) and last night being New Year's Eve we watched our own natural fireworks display as a storm rolled in from the west over the Bay. How different it was within 24 hours.

Our host's house was in an elevated position with an almost perfect view of the entire Bay. The sky became darker as the clouds, rain and the wind came our way.

One of the guests was able to monitor the progress of the storm via his iPhone and we all started guessing how long before it reached the house where a group of us were preparing to welcome in the New Year.

You can see the dark blue band on the iPhone coming in from the west and to give a better view of Port Phillip Bay I've added a map. The iPhone shows the storm coming in over Geelong and Port Arlington. It would have been no more than 10 minutes when the wind preceeded the rain and the temperture dropped from the mid-30s to mid-20s. It made for a more comfortable night.

A video of the storm as it approached us.

Regardless of the storm, we bid farewell to 2009 with good food, drink and company. Roll on 2010.

Melbourne's fireworks display wasn't televised however Sydney's was.


  1. Happy New Year, Sue and Leon. Looking forward to seeing you in 2010. Here's wishing you a year full of joy, peace, and prosperity.

  2. Thankyou Ken, that's very kind and good health to you as well.
    We are both looking forward to saying hello in March.


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