Thursday, January 14, 2010


Funky Friday is back with this really grotesque morphed pic of my son Mitch who is 22 today and yours truly who is not!!!!
I promise I won't do this again. Well, not till next time.

It may sound strange but next week's blogs will come to you from Adelaide. The Tour Down Under starts next Sunday to the following Sunday. I'll pass on news on the delightful city of Adelaide and promise it won't be all about cycling. Adelaide is known as the city of churches and I hope to mix this with some sight seeing and cafe culture while I'm there.

Ooooops, sorry - here's another one.

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  1. Regarding Sue's comment to Ken's blog about endives, my mouth is watering with the idea of eating fresh nectarines, apricots, figs... I saw apricots at Costco today for $5.90 for 8 or 10. They had a bit of a greenish tinge to them so I didn't buy them. They came from Chili. The price was excellent. Last year at Costco I bought "apriums" (mix of apricot and plum but not pluot, which is also a mix of plum and apricot). The apriums where DELICIOUS.


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