Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spider homes, cats & birds

Who lives here?
The home of someone I have NO need to meet!!!!

Our old gum tree is home to many. Parrots, galahs and occasionally the odd cockatoo. Mainly though wattle birds, sparrows and the very nasy and LOUD Indian minor birds.

My favorite are the peaceful and courteous doves. Fat ones that bob their heads back and forth as they make their way along the ground. Unfortunately they're the ones that meet their maker due to their trust (or stupidity).

That's because Sue owns two cats, I prefer dogs. Dogs are so grateful that they can live with you, where cats treat you as a servant.

Rosie is our Moggie - She's brain damaged from being run over by a car many years ago. She was missing over many days but eventually returned home, skinny and destitute just after a Christmas period. She's become more amicable since her traumatic experience, but only when she wants attention, oh yes, when she wants food or to be let out..........

Now this is Gem, she's a jewel, so precious. Sue has always had orientals, but this one - let me tell you, she is the Paris Hilton of cats. I'm sure she feels that we are all her servants.

Back to the old gum tree. It was there before we bought the house and the house turns 81 this year so it must be close to 100. Its dropping branches occasionally and may need an amputation or two soon.
Other than the bird life, it is home to possums and many other smaller life such as SPIDERS!!!!
Sue hates spiders and won't go near the gum tree. I noticed that a very hairy legged spider had taken up residence in the bark, hence this photograph. Judging by the opening in the web, this fellow must be hugely obese.
I wonder if he has family members?
I do feel I need to add a little extra.
Leon, of course is totally right about our cats....but in mitigation...Rosie is a lovely girl, brain damaged of course, but nice in her own way and very gentle.
Gem is a world apart.  She is a blue Burmese. She believes she is very special and expects all to behave accordingly, but she is very affectionate, especially to anyone who doesn't like cats. You can almost hear the smirk.  Both girls are 13 years old and qualify as seniors. Gem has a long line, of just about everyone who has ever met her, who have asked to be on a list of possible adoptees should the worst happen to us. Master manipulator!
Sweet pussies both.
As for the spiders..yecch!


  1. Hi Sue, I'm a cat person too! And I simply adore the Burmese or Siamese! They are so clever. Ever since I met my first Siamese in the UK in the 70ties, I have dreamt of having one. Maybe one day, when I'm retired and have enough time to educate a kitten!

  2. Hi Martine,
    I love Burnese cats, they're kind of dog like.
    It's not so much that you will "educate" a kitten as that the kitten will train its staff! This is certainly the case with a Burmese.


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