Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Posters under the Railway Bridge

Just something I saw on my way to the office this morning, not long after I left my gym session.......

And on the way home I like to open the sunroof on my car rather than turn on the aircon - these are views from my sunroof...The mornings are getting a little cooler and summer officially ended this week. Daylight saving is over at the end of March. Say hello to autumn.

The City has some strange new buildings, architects being whimsical!!

But can Architects improve on nature - in a month or two, this tree will change. Leaves will fall but not before they change colour, joggers will playfully kick aside the fallen leaves on their morning run.


  1. Fall has its charm, particularly after a hot summer.

  2. Actually looking forward to some cooler weather soon - it has been a long hot summer here.


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