Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh no, I'm late.

For those that log in on a Monday, I apologise for my non-blog Monday. Life is hectic with trying to get all things work, home and family in order before we fly out for Paris next Monday.
I must admit though that our Sunday arvo was very relaxing after mowing lawns. We decided to enjoy a balmy early autumn arvo with a bottle of Sav/Blanc on the deck and enjoy the backyard. It was a low 30s day with the sound of the occasional light plane flying overhead and doves cooing in the Gum Tree.

Do you know how difficult is is to capture a photograph of a plane (in focus) after a bottle of Sav/Blanc? But didn't the Gum Tree come up well?

We live near an airport for light planes. Both Sue and our oldest son Andrew have enjoyed flights in a Tiger Moth over Port Phillip Bay.
Not for me, I get nose bleed on the ladder.
The grass is turning green again after recent rains and the Jacaranda offers a filtering of afternoon sun, almost like an umbrella.

Gem enjoys the autumn sun.

But the Dove enjoys the sunlight from the safety of the Gum Tree branches with Gem below.

The cats, especially Gem, our Burmese suns herself on the outdoor setting as if she is royalty. (I thought I was, she said).....

I've built a new bike to bring to France for this trip and I'm looking forward to the thrill of playing in the traffic, but before that, we visit friends in the Loire. Firstly a night in Paris to get over 20 plus hours of movies, iPod and airline food - gosh I hope they upgrade us again. Sue, tell them it's my birthday - it worked for you last year.
We then TGV it to Tours and another overnight stay before picking up some sort of Mr Bean minicar and toodling down to the Cher. A few days catching up with people and then settling into a Paris apartment for two weeks. How good is that?
The new bike for this year's trip to France - a simple single gear in matt black. Sue has nick named it, "the Shadow". Are there any other thoughts out there?????

We maybe might just have another Funky Friday and a weekend blog before we fly out Monday.


  1. Spring has arrived in SoCal. We had a 4.4 earthquake at 4.04 am, the birds are singing and it is going to be 84 degrees on the beach. I hope the weather will be nice in Paris. Your bike reminds me of a bull, with its horns ready to fight traffic. "The shadow" is a good name for it.

  2. How about the 'Phantom'? BTW, who will be looking after the animals while you're travelling?

  3. Nadege, an earthquake, how scary! Was there any damage?
    Martine, our 22 year old son, Mitch still lives with us and is a very good cat caterer, patter and comfortable cat pillow.

  4. Some damage occured where the epicenter was but a 4.4 is not too bad. Leon I know you must be busy packing but there is a wonderful blog you have to put on your list
    http://paristhroughmylens.blogspot.com/ Virginia is so incredibly talented. She is my favorite of all my Paris photo blogs.

  5. Thanks for that, I will take your advice.
    I remember when living in SF in 1979, I was out training with a cyclist I met on the road. We were just casually rolling along when he said we were riding on the San Andreas fault and that one day part of SF would fall into the Pacific. I asked if we could ride on the inland side from then on.
    I loved SF.

  6. Hi Sue and Leon,

    Have a good trip and lets hope you do get up-graded. The weather is warming up - around a high of 17 degrees is expected today (we hope). Looking forward to seeing you

    Love Carol & Michael

  7. Great news about the weather. Good to hear from you on the blog.
    Starting to pack now, only 5 more sleeps.


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