Friday, March 05, 2010


How Funky Friday are these guys. This small section of artistic graffitti is on the outside wall of warehouse used for the arts.
This weekend looks like a wet and cooler one - which is a bit of a shame really as we have a long weekend with Monday being our labour day celebrations. I wonder if our younger workers realise that it was in the late 1850s that an 8 hour working day was introduced.
These days of course hours seem to be all over the place with varied shop hours and part time employment. I'm fortunate that I have a flexible working life and can balance my work and private life although sometimes they become one of the same through design. On Monday I'll probably check my work emails and do some paperwork just to keep on top of things.
I can feel a few rides coming up this long weekend and some entertaining as well, let you know on Monday's post.

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