Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the street where we live - apologies to Vic Domone

I've missed a few days posting as its been full-on since arriving. So from today on I hope to post daily.

After arriving in Paris on Saturday Arvo, Sunday was a short walk to become familiar with the the street where we live. Weird, wonderful, strange, different, yes - all of those. Although staying in rue Marie Stuart, we are just around the corner of Rue Montorgueil which is closed to through traffic. It’s a foodie’s heaven.

Chocolatiers, Cafes, Bars, Brasseries, Restaurants, Patissiers and of course the Boulanger, they are all there. Add a few wine shops and why would you want to stay elsewhere.
The 2nd arrondissement of Paris is on the right bank of the Seine river. We've previously stayed 4th, 5th, 7th and the 11th so we've now experienced a few Paris districts. They all have their own charm but living closer to the Seine allows for better access to the main tourist and shopping attractions. And if you are a little further a way, the Metro is always there to get you where you want to go. I bought a Carnet of 10 tickets costing less than 12 euro.
Sue sends me out in the mornings to the Boulangerie to get the baguette and croissants -I actually find this more frightening than riding the streets of Paris (more about that next post).

Bonjour Madam - un baguette, deux croissant, si'l vous plait. OK, she understood that, now ask "combien?" How much? Check out the cash register coz no way will I understand her answer. Yep, I got through that OK.
Croissants with Vegemite for brekkie
On the way back to the apartment, I couldn’t believe that there in the window of a clothes shop in the street was a Fixie. Now for those not bike savvy, a fixie is a track bike or a bike with only one gear. The pedals keep going around with no freewheeling. This fixie had a set of late 1960s Campagnolo cranks. Could I smash the glass and run away with the bike - stop dreaming Leon - there are bars on the windows and Sue is waiting for breakfast.
Heaps of Fixies in Paris, a craze that seems to be sweeping the world - and to think that I was a trendsetter with all my cycling mates back in 1962.
After breakfast it was time for a short walk up “the street where we live” and then on to rue du Rivoli to do some shopping. Cuisine items for Sue and shoes for me. On previous visits to Paris, Sue has bought Laguiole cutlery and so the collection is now growing. As for me, the shoes come from Rudy’s. A long walk for the day and so a taxi was hailed for a fairly inexpensive trip back home.
I have never eaten snails before, frog legs yes, calf's head yes, but not snails - maybe this time.
Mmmmmm, lots of cheeses. Might need to pop another Lipitor tonight with the red wine.

Was it the bar or the cute Vespa out front - this pic is for Debbie at work who rides a scooter.
Yes, graffiti is world wide and hasn't this bloke got attitude!!!!

As a CHOCOHOLIC, what more can I say. The street is littered with shops selling chocolate.

Market day and the flower shops line the streets

Can you see the pig's trotters. I used to love these as a kid when Mum cooked them.

You've heard of the "Where's Wally" children's books - this Pic is called "Where's the Wally".

St Eustache Church - building began in 1532 and completed in 1637. On our walk there was a service in progress with the organ booming but not drowning out the choir. Quite an experience.

Can I take this, can I, can I, can I pleeeeese. Sue's new found Foodie shop.

She knew it existed, Dehillerin was on Sue's tourist list - she even formed a close relationship with our salesperson Kim who recognised our accent as Aussie.

I think this door led to an artist's colony within the building - I remember seeing a program on tele at home which was on the strange and unusual of Paris.

Sketch for the day - sometimes I see something I'd like to sketch in pencil. I'm a little rusty these days as my camera is my pencil now. Maybe I'll try a few more sketches while I'm away.
I saw the old lady waiting for her daughter who went into the Chocolatier. She waited patiently for quite some time. Her face showed no emotion and looked if anything, a little sad. I wonder what was going through her mind.
I know what was going through her mind. She was trying to signal the shopkeeper to call the Gendarmes, cos there was a wild eyed foreigner staring at her.  I felt a little concerned myself. Sue

See you all tomorrow.`


  1. Great photos. I am really enjoying your holiday in Paris.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry about the deletion. It was me repeating myself !

  4. Jean - I often repeat, repeat, repeat myself after a rough or five.

  5. There ya go, that should be rouge. See I told ya so.

  6. Ken used to live just off the rue Montorgeuil, on the rue Saint-Sauveur. In those days, those fancy paving stones were not there, and the street was pretty dingy and scary at night due to its proximity to the large hole that was the construction site at les Halles. It also was much more working class and not at all gentrified to the degree it is today.

    He lived there when we met in 1981.

  7. I really wish I was there too.

  8. Great photos Leon and Sue -- love the croissants with Vegemite!

    Actually I don't PERSONALLY love them but my partner Clive does and I posted a similar photo of our Paris breakfast at 'Spot the Odd One Out' at

    Sue, I've always wanted to visit Dehillerin - now I'm putting it higher on the list!



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