Thursday, June 09, 2016

Trentham Thursday

The photo on our masthead was taken last October about the same time we bought our block in Trentham. We were just coming into spring and the brook at the end of the block was flowing. The locals tell me is use to have trout. Since December, the brook had dried up but over the last two weeks the rains have come and the brook is starting to babble again. Trent Creek as it is known feeds into the Coliban River which then cascades over Trentham Falls and towards three reservoirs that supplies the water to the Central Victorian region.
Trent Creek - the babbling brook

The brook runs through the town reserve at the end of our block giving the impression that our land is larger.
Several of our neighbours tend their section of the reserve and in some cases do not erect a border fence.

The ducks have returned.

Not only is this duck in the foreground enjoying the wet, but in the background can be seen, a magpie having an afternoon bath.

Today being Thursday, I have a ritual of having breakfast at a local Trentham cafe called Chaplin's. I think its run by a couple of women with a passion for Charlie.  There is much memorabilia of Charlie Chaplin and they supply the best croissants. This breakfast of croissants and coffee is to get me in the right frame of mind to play Petanque.  I figure that croissants and Petanque after driving to Trentham in our Citroen put me in the right French frame of mind to toss these metal balls  with great accuracy. (wrong).
So after the game we wandered off to the local bakery (there's 2 in Trentham) to have hot chocolate and donuts and talk rubbish ranging from the game, cars, retirement and the local goings on in Trentham. Today I took my tape measure with me as I wanted to suss out where we could build the mane-cave and the garden shed. While there, one of the Petanque players and a car enthusiast friend decided to join me to offer some advice on the placement of the man-cave.

Just some ideas I've seen that look interesting for the backyard shed

Incidentally I also joined the local Trentham Car Club. It has 110 members and goes by the name of "Cool Country Classic Car Club". Our 1974 Citroen GS Estate (or Break in France) gives us eligibility.

Sue is not impressed and thinks our little Citroen GS is a very ugly car but at least it will be handy to cart garden manure to the property!!!!

The other great news is that we finally have been told that building will begin during next week after several hold ups. Whahoooo!

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