Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Hamlet of BASALT

There's a little hamlet called BASALT in the Daylesford - Hepburn Springs region. We discovered it several months back while taking a diversion from the main road. I was intrigued by the town's name.
All the signage seems to be made by the locals as can be seen by the photos below. most of the road leading into Basalt is gravel - there are no shops, or facilities of any kind. What the locals do seem to have though is a sense of humour in abundance.

Welcome to Basalt

A better view of Boot's Gully below. 

The local honey supplier
No sign of a school anywhere
What do you do with a tree when it falls in the forest?

As we left Basalt, we were offered other towns to visit - maybe next time. In the distance is Mt Franklin, an extinct volcano. Within the mouth of the volcano is a camping ground with walking tracks to explore. Mt Franklin is also known for its Spring Water.

You just don't what you'll find when exploring off the main roads.


  1. How kind of them to remind the 'roos to stay alert. Inattentive marsupials can be such a drag.

    1. I guess its all in the way you read a sign Walt - very clever.


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