Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Sometimes when a new person or family comes to live in a town, they see differently than the locals. A local may pass by a building most days in their travels and that building goes unnoticed. A few days back we were at the local IGA store to buy the usual groceries. On this occasion I took a walk down the side of a building as I'd seen a faded sign that intrigued me. It was about some of Kyneton's history. Why it was on the side of a building an a non-tourist area, I find puzzling however there it was.

At one time this large nondescript timber building may have been a furniture emporium or maybe a country produce store.
There is no signs of its origin that I can find.
Quite faded now, the sign depicts certain elements of Kyneton's early history.
This faded sign is in Mollison St, however the enlarged section depicts a store in the historic Piper St.
Today Piper St is the tourist section of Kyneton where this sign should really be.
The Junction hotel once stood where the more modern Safeway Super Market is now located.
I wonder if the local historic centre would have some original photos.
That part of the street now has more modern shops and offices.

Kyneton claim to have formed the first rural district band - Melbourne would have predated them.

This photo shows the side of the building beyond the faded sign.
I note that the building also has another sign - not so faded or historic. It is either a For Sale or For Lease.
One can't help thinking that the building has a limited life span and will go the way as the Junction Hotel and make way for so called Progress.

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