Friday, May 27, 2016

MALMSBURY - A village of tongues.

It was Friday, a day when I worked a 4 day week and Friday was my day of leisure. I met a person of common interest, that is of cycling and automotive passion in our future village of Trentham. We currently live 22 kms out of Trentham in Kyneton but you who already read this blog already know this. This morning which was yesterday now, it was about 4 degrees as I rode the 22 kms to meet my cycling buddy George in Trentham. It is incredibly (bloody) hilly in this region but George and I did a 70 km ride before I headed back home as I'd promised Sue I'd take her to lunch at this converted church in Malmsbury.

Leaving George at close to 11.00 am, I made my way home in time for a shower, make myself pretty and then head off to lunch. It was a very pleasant lunch and ambience - a keeper and we will return. It actually reminds us of our stay in the Loire in 2014 due to the incredibly hospitality of our friends there.
They gave us the incentive to make the lifestyle change to a small rural village in our retirement (thank you Carol and Mikee amongst others in the region)
We would often take a drive to chance on a small cafe/restaurant for lunch in the French surrounding villages and its very similar here in the Victorian Central Highlands. Sue only commented tonight over dinner how this region is such a foodie area.

Sue had the Minestrone soup with a Local Riesling while I had the Kipler potato trout salad with a  South Australian Chardonnay.

Until our local Trentham Colibban Foodstore reopens, the small Holdings Cafe may become our regular Friday haunt.
Yes, unfortunately our Friday local has been sold to new owners and we await their revamp.

I should explain the title of the post: Malmsbury I believe had a sect that spoke in tongues. Now I as a garden variety cyclist have no idea what this means but this little village is a very delightful place to visit.


  1. I remember Malmsbury very well indeed. As a public servant based in the Loddon Campaspe region, we were responsible for the smooth running of the youth training centre for 17 to 21-year-old males in Malmsbury. But I must say... the converted church in Malmsbury looks much more appealing.

    1. Malmsbury certainly has changed but so has most of the district up here in the Central Highlands Hels. Riding my bike in the area opens up some fantastic discoveries that go unnoticed in a speeding car.


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