Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Contemplating a Shed

I need a man-cave, a shed to escape the woes of the world. Somewhere to play with bikes, cars, read about bikes and cars or watch DVDs about bikes and cars. Does this make me one dimensional?
OK, maybe I'll also restore bikes and cars while enjoying a vino. Today I helped a friend put a roof on his house. His surrounding sheds impressed me and gave me food for thought for a man-shed.

This is his smaller man-shed which is now the kid's away from home cubby.

This is probably more what I had in mind.
This is my friend's house he is building. Its the third house on his acreage and probably the final project.

Today we attached the colour bond corrugated steel roofing to the south side.
My job as general dogs body was to help lift the roofing up the three levels.
A view from the front of the house.
Above is the second house they built while they lived in a very humble one room virtual shed. They have come a long way to their dream over several decades. Most impressive.


  1. My husband does not need a 'man shed' but he does need a 'man poly tunnel', somewhere to go and potter with seeds and things and where apparently I am to be banned!

    1. Vera, why would he want to ban you? I guess occasionally we all need a little solitude to potter, to read a book or listen to music.

  2. Reminds me of the Amish Barn Raising. Your a good friend Leon. When your next in Melbourne remind me to take you to see my friend Alan's man cave - it's a work of art where he restores old motorbikes.

    1. I shall be down soon to test my cycling prowess with the best Bandidos on beach road soon. Miss you guys.


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