Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Waiting for the Concrete............

Not a great deal I can report on the house project today. We expected that our slab was to be poured today but a building inspector had chucked a spanner in the works with a minor inconsistency with the metal bracing we are told so back to the drawing board. We were informed that the slab was to be poured subject to weather conditions and guess what? Today was perfect and the rest of the week, guess what? Rain predicted.

We are informed that the metal framework goes up sometime next week so JG King have a bit of time up their sleeve at this stage - I guess!!!!

I digress, sure - we did go to Trentham is check out the progress to date however I sold two of my self published books last week and needed to post them off. There is something about feeling local when sending off mail from your Post Office. Had a chat with the post mistress, telling her that I was a celebrated author and these were my books (LOL).

I also took out a PO Box which made me feel like I was more of a local - we also joined the local car club and the local Life Activities Group, so we are meeting people and becoming part of the local community.

Trentham's first Post Office established July 16, 1862. Photo taken 1869.
Trentham's Post Office today.
We are getting to meet the locals though and the town has that village feel that Kyneton does not have due to its larger population. Maybe if we arrived 20 years ago, it may have be different. Having said that, Kyneton has a lot to offer in many other areas. It is a bit of a Foodie Town with some great eating places, produce and I do like the cycling friends that I have met.

With only possibly seven working days left before the frame arrives, we expect that JG King will meet their schedule however the weather here will be a deciding factor.


  1. Joining in is very important *nod*.

    When I first moved to Bendigo, I was warmly welcomed by the locals who, on the first day, asked a] if I wanted to join the Catholic Church activities and b] which position did I prefer to play in for the local football club. Since I was a middle aged, Jewish women, I kindly declined both offers :) But the importance of joining in was clear. So I quickly made myself useful at the art gallery and at the hospital.

    1. I like the story of why you didn't take up the first two offers Hels.


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