Monday, June 27, 2016

A French Village Interlude

2014 we took a trip to Italy and France. We are not allowed to arrive in Europe without visiting our friends in the Loire. They are expats from around the world and have found their little escape to the country, BUT, their escape was outside their own country unlike us.

They came from the UK, the USofA and the land of down under - how brave were they. They unknowingly gave us the courage to do our own escape to the country. We only escaped no more than 2 hours by car, nevertheless it is our little village away from the rat race.

It may have been 2008, the memory becomes a little blurred after seven trips to France but we met two lovely kind people who made the move from the UK to their home in the Loire. We leased their cottage for a week in the village of Thenay. On subsequent visits we made our way back to say hello. On those visits, we met other expats and listened to their stories of how they made a new home from their roots. 

In a strange sort of way, they influenced us to make this move from "Melbourne, Our Home by The Bay" to "Our Country Life". They know who they are. We thank you.

The pictures below are from that little village in the Loire, Thenay which we hold dear in our memory.


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