Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Moving quickly

We went up to the block again today with friends and we were pleasantly surprised that work was moving quickly. Today we found that all the screw piers were driven into the earth and the Plumbers had arrived to lay the plastic pipes for our water supply and refuse.

Things are moving quickly - we are hopeful that the momentum continues.
Next come the Electricians to install the power before the concrete slab is poured over both the Plumbers and Electrician's work. We are surprised at the swiftness of progress considering that the contractors are battling against the weather conditions recently. I suspect at this rate we may even see that frame started by early next month.

Just to change the subject a little - yes, we have had some rain lately and the creek (I refer to it as a brook which drives Sue crazy) at the back of our property is now in full flow. It is a tributary to the Coliban River which then makes its way to Trentham Falls. We have blogged the Falls before but now it is in full flow as the river makes its way to the three reservoirs below (Coliban/Lauriston/Malmsbury).
BTW, we are over 700 metres above sea level in Trentham and the forecast for Friday may offer our first flurry of snow.

This little creek/brook finds its way down to the Trentham Falls. The locals tell us that in the past it was full of trout - maybe they will come back this spring.
Last time we were here during summer, the falls were flowing like a leaking tap.
I have to say that the cold is taking some getting use to but maybe next winter we can take off to warmer climates next winter. France sounds good for next July for the Tour de France.

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