Thursday, September 04, 2014


It was 1985 and our first son Andrew Cameron Sims was born. Today he has a double degree and about to complete his PHD. How quickly does time fly by?

We had not long moved into our 1929 Californian Bungalow house that would be home for the next 30 years. Another son came along two years later - Mitch is somewhere in Holland, then Italy and France. Andrew lived in England for two years and from memory has visited 17 countries in his 28 years.
I wonder where their lust for travel came from?

Big glasses and our first born boy, Andrew Cameron James
Possibly a year later the boy had grown and we were off to our first little holiday - the car was packed and ready to go.
Our MG Magnette ZD


  1. Well done with the PhD... what will it be in?

    You can tell Andrew was going to be a scholarly young lad... even when he was still in nappies :)

    1. Philosophy with a degree in Science. Very proud Dad who left school at 16.


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