Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Need a New Blog Title

It seems that "MELBOURNE - OUR HOME on the BAY" may not fit that well with our 10 weeks in Italy and France. I may need to find another heading, any ideas?

We leave on Saturday for Rome with our first full week in Gaiole, Chianti with my cycling buddies for the annual retro event, L'Eroica. Its a one day event on old bikes in the rolling hills on both sealed and unsealed roads - the Strada Bianca or white gravel roads. Our bikes must be pre-1987 which is not a problem as my early days of racing were on these and I still have mine from the 80s. A few of the crew are already, enjoying the life in Italy, Austria and Malta before we meet up soon in Gaiole.
Steel and wool is the theme of L'Eroica in Chianti - no carbon fibre or lycra here.
I won't go much more into our 10 weeks away - I will be saving it for the Blog.


  1. Melbourne our home far away? Hehehe

  2. MAMILs

    middle aged men in lycra :)

    1. Sorry Hels but we are wearing Retro Wool and at 64, I think even middle age is behind me unless I kive to be 128.


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