Sunday, September 07, 2014

Shopping Center Art Gallery

Today Sue and I went to the local shopping centre - I hate going there. I'm sure many men feel the same but today it actually was an enjoyable experience starting with coffee and croissants. I then bought 2 pairs of pants and a pair of shorts for our trip to Italy and France in 2 weeks time.
But along the way there was an art exhibition by local artists showing scenes of Melbourne.

Luna Park, Princes Bridge and Melbourne trams are all icons of our city.

As are our arcades with little boutique shops and cafes

Then there is the bayside boulevard of Beconsfield Parade which I ride at least once a week.

Flinders Street Station needs no other introduction other than to say - this is Melbourne

As I ride on a Saturday morning, this is what I see as I ride with my friends down Bayside Beaconsfeild Parade


  1. I don't like shopping centres either ...and my husband even less so. But some of those Melbourne scenes are terrific. I work in the City and have lunch in those arcades with little shops and cafes!

    1. Melbourne is a wonderful place but nevertheless, we are looking towards a quieter life soon.

  2. Always useful to start a man off with coffee and a bun / croissants, that is what I find when starting out on an occasional 'silly' shopping expedition as far as he in concerned. But DIY shops!!! No probs. Lovely scenes of your part of the world.

  3. We enjoy the scenes from your part of the world too Vera. Not long now before we are back - October to early November and into your winter after enduring ours here in Melbourne.


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