Sunday, July 14, 2013

We've Been Doing Stuff

We've Been Doing Stuff so the bathroom renovation was going slowly or should I call it the bathroom saga. What has been slowing me down you may well ask....
Well, Sue keeps taking me away on weekends to watch whales, look at retirement towns and of course there's the Tour de France which starts at 10.00 pm and finishes at 2.00 am. It leaves very little time for the bathroom saga.

The blind you see has always been there and always will be. It was made by a dear friend  who is no longer with us.
Its part of her memory in our home.
My photos don't do the finished result justice if I do say myself - I actually feel quite proud although some of the  minor defects do annoy me but somehow go unnoticed by others.
I still need to install the glass panel shower screen but I have a glazier do that job.
The other outstanding job to complete is to hang the art deco mirror on the tiles behind the vanity.
There's also the new light fitting and towel rails - oh, yes - and the toilet roll holder.
BUT, this weekend we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those final finishing touches happened this weekend. The last of the painting was finished and the only things to be done now are fitting the mirror and the shower glass to the bath. We are on the home straight.

More importantly is that we take our 25 year old son Mitchy to the airport on Tuesday for his flight to India and then off to South America. We'll be very sad to see him off but at least the bathroom will stay tidy until he returns. In fact both our sons return home in November. Andrew has been studying in England but spending time in Germany returns home at the same time so I guess we'll have a real family Christmas this year.

Ooops, it's 10.00 pm and Le Tour coverage is about to start - talk next Wednesday with another glimpse of Italy.


  1. Whale watching is an excellent reason not to progress with the bathroom :-)
    The result looks great!

    1. Just those finishing touches to go now A & N. The next room may just be a repaint of the study - easy peasy!

  2. Just a whole lot of excuses Leon you can always find time if you want to. Listen to who is talking, I can never find time for anything any more!!
    Enjoy the TDF Diane

    1. A great result last night with Froome and with Richie again being a great support.

  3. Gosh, that bathroom looks impressive.And clean! When ours was finished it was clean and tidy, but once we started using it all went downhill, mostly because of our muddy and / or manure laden boots! When the urge takes one it simply has to be obeyed no matter what the state of the feet are in!

    1. I'm sure our would end up the same if our two sons were still at home but with one overseas and the other leaving this Tuesday night, the bathroom will stay pristine until they return as we have our own small ensuite.


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