Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Boy has Flown the Coop

Yes, our youngest is off again to explore the world
I wonder where he inherited this wonderlust for travel.
India and South America for the next four months.

Mitchy - that's him to the right
with Tom his mate to the left
left, right - right, left.
Mates since primary school.

Met Tom's Mum and Dad in Paris a few years back.
Knew them much earlier but it seemed like a good idea
to catch up in Paris a few years back.
Relationships and travel make for a good life.

Sorry but we are feeling a little melancholy.
Big house - just the two of us,
and the port bottle is empty...

Keep safe young fellas


  1. Empty nest! It can have its advantages too as you get used to it.
    I am glad for Mitch he inherited the traveling bug from his mom and dad.
    The rewards are huge, meeting new friends... I wish him and his buddy a safe trip! Seeing the world is the best education ever!

    1. He's done Thailand and Canada so this is his next big adventure.
      He's the sort that will make friends.
      Thanks for your good wishes Nadege.

  2. Leon, I just so that on Facebook. Is it true?

    1. Read the article and see a few inconsistancies such as the Australian $ reaching parity with the US $. In fact our $ is falling to the US$ so that should make our exports cheaper to the US market. I find a lot of Media stories just fills in a no-news day.
      If people like a certain wine, they buy it regardless.
      I do agree that that the Chile market is very attractive.

  3. I'm sure they will have a wonderful time.
    I'm feeling rather like you. My son is moving to Japan to work having just left University. I'm already feeling a bit miserable and he doesn't leave until August!!
    My antidote will be a month in France, but I guess it will only work in part.
    Great song choice - it just about sums up that feeling that an empty nest brings...
    Best wishes to you both; spend some time planning your next visit to France.

    1. Gaynor, nice to hear from you. I think all us bloggers wonder who reads our driville. Think of it this way - Japan is a new desination for you.
      My father said Mum always said to him, "Our children are only on loan to us".
      Planning for France and Italy 2014 is well under control.

  4. I never had children of my own but I experienced Empty Nest Syndrome when my young brother, who had been living with me during college, got a place of his own.
    Tell your son to take care in India. I hope he isn't traveling alone. Did Tom go with him? Abovementioned young brother, who is no longer young, except compared with me, had a difficult experience there a few years ago. He was in India on business and managed to fast-talk himself out of being kidnapped by explaining that artists are always poor, so he couldn't raise any ransom money.
    My husband and I have been to Ecuador, though not to any other South American countries, but I'm sure Mitch knows which countries to avoid.
    Not trying to upset you, but I thought I should mention about India. We Canadians and Australians (my brother and I loved Australia in 1982) can still find ourselves thinking things like "last bastion of Empire" in an optimistic tone but, as a professor friend once told me when he wrote from India, "it ain't the way Kipling wrote it"!

    1. Kay, Its been a while since we have heard from you.
      Yep - Mitch and Tom are travelling together and meet up with other friends in India and later in South America.
      Hopefully he can visit us in France/Italy in 2014 so he can enjoy those two countries as well.

  5. I wish them well - a great adventure. I agree with you. I think that such travel is just as important in education as many formal types. Are they going to Argentina? I liked Buenos Aries... a fascinating city.

    1. Craig - yes they will be in Argentina so if you have any advice, I will pass it on.
      He will be bloging so it may be in the side bar soon.

    2. Enjoy the architecture - it's known as the Paris of the south for good reason. And be careful with wallets and money as there is a lot of poverty which drives people to do desperate things.

  6. *sigh* it is soooooooooo difficult. I understood that Australians want to travel the world, usually leaving home the day after they get their degree. And I wouldn't want to discourage anyone, my own sons included.

    But the trick is to be realistic. Say to the young lad "Yes, mum and I will be terribly lonely while you are away, but you have 5 years (or whatever you think is fair) to have fun and see the world. As soon as you marry or there is a grandchild of ours on the way, however, I want you home. Not Sydney or Perth and not Footscray, but Carrum!!!. Now go and enjoy". :)

    1. Very good advice - trouble is, where don't know where home will be ourselves Hels.


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