Thursday, July 18, 2013

We had rain today in Melbourne

We live in the area that is between Moorabbin and Carrum on the bay. I was at work when it came in but Sue said that the dark colours parted as it reached our home - I'll call her Moses from now on!

Anyway from our last post we mentioned that Mitchy our son had left for India. He has a blog - yes I know, I'm a bad influence.
So if you want to travel with Mitchy to India and South America - become a follower.


  1. Thanks, Leon. Please tell Sue I'm going to follow Mitchy's blog. And no, you're not a bad influence. What better way for a young fellow to let his family (and half of the rest of the world) know what he's doing? Good on him!

    1. Kay,
      Just had an email from Mitchy and Sue is now feeling more relaxed.
      He may or may not blog with consistency due to some of the areas he'll be in.
      We'll see.


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