Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Melbourne Weekend with Friends

How fortunate is to have friends? Life is richer for it.
We celebrated a birthday with a friend at a Japanese restaurant on Saturday night. I did work at a Japanese Company back in the 70s. Nippondenso made automotive airconditioners, radiators and spark plugs. Being Japanese, we would entertain our customers at Japanese restaurants. Teppanyaki was always the choice - for food and entertainment.

Teppanyaki at Fujiyama with friends.

Our friend whose birthday it was is a close friend from our cycling circles. Ellen and I trained together on the Velodrome during several years in preparation for the World Masters Track Championships in Sydney.
I remember her first experience on the steep bankings of the indoor velodrome but somehow it excited her to  focus on a goal - that's Ellen. Once she gets something in her mind, there's nothing that gets in her way.

Coffee and port is a nice way to finish off a meal.
Surprisingly I did arise early Sunday morning for some cycling exercise (that's what I do) and then back to some finishing touches to the bathroom renovation (SAGA). I had two challenges for the day.
Hang the bathroom mirror and add some items to the wall. I actually did these on the Saturday BUT!!!
Problems arose - the toilet roll holder which for some weird reason I thought Sue said was the towel holder. I thought it looked strange to hang a towel on. Unless you had very long arms, it may have been very difficult to reach the bum paper.
The other disaster was that after carefully measuring the mounting points for the mirror with tape measure and spirit level. I discovered that the mounting points on the mirror were uneven - not my fault........

The mirror is straight (now) - my photo is not.
So Sunday another good friend arrived to help out. It seems that our 80+ year old home started to rest a little in the middle of its foundations. That is that a few (or more) stumps need replacing. So Darren who knows these things insisted on helping diagnose which stumps may need to be replaced. Hes probably 10 or more years younger than me and with more agility coaxed me under the house. Cobwebs and all sorts of nasties were down there but nevertheless there we were. Yes - stumps need to be replaced and that's just another future job on the list for the future.
It's good to have great friends, isn't it?


  1. I'm still giggling about the toilet paper/towel rod mixup, and it's making typing difficult!
    The restaurant looks super. I love Japanese food.

    1. I was the only one not giggling as I have to fix the wall and change the location of the towel, oops, toilet roll holder.

  2. Ha, you want an old house here like ours that has not got a straight wall in it. It has not sunk though in 200+ years. It does not matter how straight you hang anything, it is never in line with the corner or the ceiling line :-))) We have finally got used to it! Take care Diane

    1. When I read what people restore in France, I wonder how they get things right - I see that they don't.


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