Sunday, July 07, 2013

Red Berets, Yellow Balloons and a Polka Dot Tandem.

Red Berets, yellow balloons, French songs from a live musician and a polka dot tandem made for a very enjoyable night with good friends.

Saturday night was to meet with friends and welcome Le Tour to the first mountain stage in the Pyrenees. Our local restaurant/cafe "Malt" was the venue and our host, Andrew put on a great meal and the organisers of the night ensured that everyone had a great time. The big screen was tuned in to direct coverage however Sue and I decided that as it would not finish until after 1.00 am, home would be the best place to fall asleep.

Our live music, big screen, polka dot tandem and yellow balloons.
Red berets seem to be the most popular choice for the night.
French wine and the tri-colors.
This was my little addition to the table - Renaults, cyclists and the red, white and blue Effiel  Towers.
A chocolate Effiel Tower with tri-colour Macarons for desert.
Are you watching the Tour de France and if you are there beside the road in France, wave. I may still be awake in front of the tellie.


  1. Thankfully we can watch the TDF during sensible hours :-) Love that chocolate Eiffel Tower. Have a good week Diane

    1. Both the entree and main course were also marvelous but I didn't take photos unfortunately.

  2. I'm a bit late catching up, sorry! What a well organized evening. The chocolate tower and macaroons are a triumph!
    Do you think Froome will do it?

    1. Being a daily worker, I also play catch up on my blog reading.
      Do I think Froome can win, yes I do but he'll earn it well if he does win.


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