Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Circus Maximus - Wednesdays in Italy

My son Andrew decided on a jog around Rome - it was 2006, he met us there.
The jog took us along the Tiber and through the relics of the Forum.
Turning back towards our apartment in the Campo de Fiori,
we passed by a park that once was,
Where chariots raced - I sat in awe of what once was,
on the very same spot where the people of Rome
watched chariots race over 2300 years ago.

My photo from 2006
A replica showing Rome of the era.
A photo from Wikipedia 1978


  1. It's almost hard to relate to such history isn't it?
    The contrast from the serene parkland to what it once was is quite extreme!

    1. Craig - I had to sit there for quite some time to absorb what was and let my imagination paint the picture of the past.
      It may have helped a little if I wore a toga as well.

  2. Huh we missed Rome on our cruise. I spent the day down in the medical centre on drip with a small spot on my lung again. Thankfully the medication got me feeling well enough to enjoy the rest of the cruise. Hopefully we will make it there again one day. Go well Diane

    1. That's a bit sad Diane. Rome is interesting, maybe not a place I would like to go back to regularly like we do Paris.
      Paris to us is gentle where Rome is frenetic. Never mind, we'll share a few experiences with you over the next few Wednesdays.

  3. Must have had quite a atmosphere, even though it is now grassed over.

    1. Vera - you do need to use your imagination a little. There were a few homeless people in the park.
      Rome tends to be a bit gritty.


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