Sunday, January 20, 2013

Melbourne Weekend

A Birthday and a Going Away Party.
Both Andy and Mitch have a great bunch of friends and they all feel at home with us.
Mum and Dad to the left, Mitch beside Mum and leaning to the right. Andrew is in the tie-dyed T-shirt.
Most likely something he won't have a lot of use in London. It's predicted to be 0 degrees and snowing.
Our youngest, Mitchell James turned 25 this week and Andrew Cameron now 27 returned to London this Sunday to resume studies for the final year of his PhD. The boys also had a reunion gig with their old band, In Tongues.
They played to a booked out venue on Friday night with many disappointed people being turned away at the door. Having seen some of the footage (it was recorded), it seemed like an outrageous night.
So that those who missed out among their friends and of course us, Mum and Dad, we set up the equipment in the backyard. A couple of their Musco friends joined in for an impromptu jam session - a great night it was.

Both our sons also play in other bands but In Tongues is the main one. Andrew plays a different genre of Music with his mate Lloyd (below photo) and Mitch fills in with a couple of other bands while In Tongues is in recess.
Andrew and Lloyd recorded a few tracks and this is the cover photo.
Just a couple of Dandies.
I must admit that my head was not wanting to lift from the pillow this morning but we did need to get Andrew to the airport for his flight back to London. Naturally we'll miss him but there's great experiences and opportunities out there on the international arena.

Sue is calling me for dinner so I must go but I'm sure she will keep me awake tonight by following Andrew's flight path on her iPad. Oh, yes and there's a new series of Australian Master Chef starting tonight as well - that should help to take her mind off Andrew's empty bedroom for a little while.

See you on Wednesday for the next post on our 2010 France escapade.


  1. I'm sure that like us you are both used to the comings :o) and goings :o( of your children. It's still hard. Like Sue, I would be following the flight plan. hat is wonderful is that you, as prents, have given them the confidence and belief in themselves to make these ventures, knowing that the vital parental support (and I don't mean just financial!) will continue.

    Our children are 27 (tomorrow) and 22.

    Good to read about your weekend festivities. Andrew certainly had a good 'send off'. It is cold here in the UK and forecast to remain so for a couple of weeks.

    Perhaps planning your nest jaunt to France will keep your minds focussed on someting other than that empty bedroom...

    Bonne chance!

  2. PS My keyboard is showing signs of age, meaning tat some letters have to be pressed extra hard to register, so please excuse any missing letters in the comment above.

    1. Your missing letters are replaced by your kind words Gaynor.
      Yes, Sue is certainly looking forward to our planned 2014 trip and I'm saving all our pennies.
      We have mett some great people in our travels to France and it becomes more rewarding each time.

  3. Leon and Sue, I read so many of your posts in one sitting, I don't know which ones on which I should leave a comment! But this one particularly touched me. I am flying to Sydney from Perth on Friday for my daughter's (Olivia is 30) wedding...such a new world opening for her...and me! My son Andrew (27) still lives chez moi, but fortunately he too loves cooking too so we manage to coexist nicely! I am preparing for my trip to France in April so will keep up with your blog for tips on places to visit after I finish my language course. Best wishes, Louise

    1. Louies,
      It wouls seem that you have much in common with Sue and I. Both with a 27 year old Andrew, a love of France.
      Please feel free to email to Sue (my travel agent) who is soooo good at organising our travels. Best wishes to your daughter. Is this your first experience of being a mother in law????????

  4. Sure you will miss them but think of all the fun reading about their exploits :)) Keep cool Diane

    1. Sue had a tear in her eye, well many really. But they promised to keep in touch thru Skype.
      We are so very proud of our boys and also my daughter in Queensland - so very blessed with great kids (Adults).

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    1. How do you get rid of these pesky spam idiots?????


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