Friday, January 11, 2013


P.L. Travers
Last weekend took me to Maryborough Queensland to visit the Scouts Australian Jamboree. Our company was a supplier of the merchandise and we accepted their invitation to view this great event of 12,000 Scouts participating in all sorts of events and living in tenets for two weeks.

The town of Maryborough has a population of 27,000 and in the mid 1800s was a river port. The area grows cane, pineapples and mangoes. It's a compact town and retains many of its original features including some very well restored "Queenslander" houses which sit on stilt like stumps allowing the air movement under the house.

Maryborough was also the birthplace of writer Helen Lyndon Goff or P.L. Travers. An actress and Journalist who wrote Mary Poppins.

No matter where you go with your camera or even your iPhone on this occasion, you always stumble on some points of interest - Maryborough had many and despite only being there for two full days, we were able to enjoy two good dinners, the Jamboree and met some great people within our business/pleasure trip.

A typical Queenslander house albeit restored.
This and the other one sat either side of the 1871 General Store below.
Although not visible in this photo of the store, it had these original  painted glass windows.

I'm told by the locals that this was an old mill in its better days.
The photos you see here show you some typical Queensland architecture and lastly a little bit of whimsy suiting a FUNKY FRIDAY theme.

Look closely at the sign hung under the eaves of this ramshackle bungalow.
This weekend takes me out of Melbourne to the Gold Rush town of Ballarat and nearby village of Buninyong. I apologise in advance as it is cycling related. We get to ride a 100 kms course prior to the Australian Elite Road Cycling Championships. Many of the International Aussies will be vying for a win and the opportunity to wear the National colours in the coming European cycling arena.


  1. These photos remind me of Hawaii. Since it is already saturday where you are, you might be in Ballarat, riding your bike. Isn't the heat a problem? I haven't watched the news but see horrendous photos of your drought on Facebook. Keep cool and hydrated!

    1. Days fly by so quickly Nadege that I'm never quite sure where I am.

  2. Did you know we used to live in Mafikeng? During the siege in 1899 Baden-Powell first used boys as "Scouts", taking messages and assisting in duties around the town. The town's relief after 217 days made him a hero in Britain, and his fame and popularity enabled him to start the Scout Movement a few years later.

    These are great photos I love all the buildings and the adverts are wonderful. Keep well and enjoy your day. D & N

  3. Diane,
    I must read more on Baden Powell - Where Australia's first Scout Jamboree was held in Frankston, the named a road after him, Baden Poewll Drive.


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