Thursday, January 17, 2013


Pig out time...............25 years of tradition.
Since our boys were in high chairs we have taken them to Sofia's, an Italian resturaunt in Camberwell, Melbourne. It really is a PIG OUT!!!!

The waiters are still the ones from our early days. They would to take our boys to the Gelato Bar to get a cone full that the boys would never hope to finish. Eyes bigger than their belly.
The menu I don't believe has changed since we first started going there - Pizza, pasta, fish, chicken, seafood and huge steaks. Sofia's started out as a medium sized family restaraunt and then they took over upstairs, and later next door. Most weekends, the place is full. We love the place. The waiters make you laugh, the food comes quickly and it is over the top. Doggy bags are part of the bargain.
They make you feel welcome and its like coming home every time you are there.

The reason we went was due to our son Mitch's 25th Birthday and Andrew is returning to London on Sunday so the dinner was somewhat a tradition - nostalgia. Let's do it again when we next get together.

Andrew's spaghetti carbonara - the only thing he has ordered for the past 10 years.  He brought a lot of it home in a doggy bag. That means they package it up in a container for you.
He had some for breakfast and then more tonight after band practice. For a normal person I reckon it's 3 normal sized meals. No wonder we all loved it when our boys were unfillable teenagers!
Leon's flounder. Underneath it are all the vegetables!
Mitch and I both had fritto misto. THIS is my plate AFTER I had finished!
Mitch ate more than I , from his plate, but the person with the biggest appetite I know, couldn't finish either.
It sounds ridiculous, but it is yummy and very inexpensive as Australian restaurants go.
Leon and I usually order entree sized pastas. Leon finishes it and I never do. Over the years, the boys have always evaluated on the way there. "Yes, I think I could eat a main tonight! I'm starving!" For the sake of a few dollars we have let them order it. It has never happened, but we have enjoyed laughing at them.
That is the stuff of which legends are made.
On the way there, Andrew, 27, said, "Yes, I reckon I can do a main tonight!" We all laughed and told him he'd been away too long. Ha ha.


  1. Wow there really does look a lot of food there, I would also need a doggie bag. That flounder looks fantastic. Take care. D & N

  2. Crikey those plates of food are huge! I would have to have a child's portion if I ate at that restaurant!

    1. You could share which means your meal would be 1/2 price.
      For garlic bread, 4 HUGE meals, wine and coffee we paid $120 which is good value for a family to eat out in Melbourne.

  3. It really looks delicious! Very friendly place too.

    1. A very friendly place indeed, one of the reasons we travel around 20kms to eat there.


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