Wednesday, January 23, 2013

April Fools Day in Paris 2010

Yes!!!! That really was the day of my 60th Birthday
The mid morning and early afternoon was spent exploring Les Invalides military museum. We took the Metro and emerged from within to a sunny morning with little white puffs of cloud and the ornate Pont Alexandre III. We then turned towards the grassy promenade that led towards Les Invalides.
We came out of the Metro
To see the Pont Alexandre named after the Russian Tsar Alexander III and built between 1896 and 1900.
The cannons at the entrance to Invalides
Another view of Pont Alexandre III
Walking up to the entrance.
The gold capped dome in the distance that overlooks the casket of Napoleon
The military museum has the most amazing display of military  armour and weapons throughout the centuries.
From beautiful books of the past, we have progressed to the age of the Kindle - really? Still its wonderful to see these pieces of history preserved.
Napoleon's Tomb
How did the horses carry so much weight when covered in all this steel?
Pick the dummy
I really enjoyed seeing the many posters, some propaganda from both sides.
Looking up from Napoleon's Tomb to that gold dome you saw from outside.
Works of art from war make you stop and contemplate why!!!!

We did enjoy our walk within Invalides - 2010 was our first time but not our last. We returned in 2012 with family members and frankly, I could return again. It has such an impact.

It was time to leave as Sue had booked us in for my birthday dinner at an Italian themed restaurant just around the corner from the apartment. I don't remember the name or street but I do remember it was a great way to celebrate my 60th. Everyone should celebrate their 60th somewhere in Paris.

A glass of wine at a bar before dinner.
By the look on my face I may have a little too many glasses of wine.
What would birthday celebrations be without the bubbles?
And after we arrived back at the apartment, I was feeling a bit arty so I finished off the day with a scene I had in my head of a middle aged Frenchman riding his bike. He seemed to impress me as the stereotypical image I had in my mind of a Frenchman.
And that folks was my 60th birthday - just Sue and I in Paris 2010. 
If you getting close to entering your sixth decade and don't like having large parties or maybe concerned with leaving someone off the invitation list - escape, just the two of you. You won't regret it!!!

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  1. Love the first and the last photos best but they are all great. I love my kindle, but books will always have a place in my life. We downloaded a book on using my new camera. I ended up down loading to the computer as well, but it is just not as easy as flicking back and forth to the page you want!! A slightly drunken Leon - ha ha. Take care Diane


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