Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Walk around L'Ile Saint Louis

We walked down to look at Notre Dame, I don't know how many times we've done this now but its always nice to see the sparrows being fed and the see Charlemagne on horseback - a great piece of sculpture it is to the right of the cathderal. I've always felt the rear of Notre Dame is the most restful - the tourists don't seem to admire the flying buttresses and its peacefulness. I guess if they did, it wouldn't be so peaceful.

It's the way we make our way to I'lle Saint Louis, the other island in the Seine. It was named after King Louis IX. Walking the streets of the island is a delight, not to be taken too quickly. Take a stop for an espresso in the mid morning, find a place to lunch with a glass of wine and then wander around to find the magic Ice Cream shop before walking off home.

We crossed the pont from I'lle de la Cite to I'Ile Saint Louis for a relaxing day's walk  of discovery.
But before leaving I'Ile de la Cite, we took in the more peaceful rear view of Notre Dame. 
And it seemed that we were not the only ones with a quiet walk.
Some as couples!
Some on their way - somewhere!
And others maybe shopping or on their way back to work?
No matter where you are in Paris, there's always a Deux Cheveau lurking in the streets.
Although we spent on coffee, lunch and Ice Cream, all our other shopping was only window shopping.

And there were plenty of windows to view,

It was a grand day - not alot of excitement, just mingling mainly I presume with locals as I don't think that late  March is a high tourist time in Paris. We find those shoulder seasons of spring and autumn to be the most rewarding. People have asked me if I have been to France or Paris for the Tour de France and I say NO!
I'd rather watch Le Tour at home back in Australia when I can see it in full, and view the wonderful coverage of the countryside from the helicopter cameras. What about those close up footages from the motorbike as the competitors grimace their way up the steepest alps of France.

No - We'll stay home in July when France is at its hottest.


  1. Fantastic photos. I seem to have a spat of 2CV's just recently. A couple of photos on my photodiary blog.
    We loved watching the speed trial for the TDF when it came to Angouleme, but the rest of the race we watched on TV, you definitely see more. At least with the time trial it was an all day thing so it lasted!
    Keep well you two D & N

    1. Maybe one day we might be there for the TdF but our planned 2014 trip will be Sept/Oct so it will again be autumn to winter. Don't 2CVs have a great personality.
      Sue and I are currently considering a new car and the choices are mind numbing.

  2. Leon, I think I wrote about TTDF before. I saw it pass through the countryside where I lived. It was so fast, all I remember is the caravan that came after the cyclists. They were throwing samples of food (cocoa powder, cookies...) washing powder... to the delight of us children. You are lucky to see TTDF on Australian TV. In the US, it is not shown on regular channels. I couldn't find it 2 years in a row. Now that no popular American are in the race, the public is not that interested. The same for the Olympics. It was all about american athletes; we never saw coverage of any other nations. The ratings for the Olympics this year were never so low in the US. The way NBC covers it (the same for the past years), it turned into a soap opera. Not too many young people are interested in watching and I don't blame them.

    1. Nadege,
      We would love to hear more of your life in France - its a shame you don't blog.
      Regarding cycling coverage in europe in australia - it is soooo popular. maybe its because Aussies are so naive or maybe forgiving or maybe positive but we always feel that there is an ongoing future where there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I firmly believe I am so lucky to have been born here.


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