Sunday, January 27, 2013

Australia Day Weekend

Australia Day is celebrated over a three day weekend although the actual day is January 26. It gives Australians the opportunity to get away or just hang about and relax. Its also a time of great sporting events - we like to think of ourselves as a great sporting nation but I expect in these recent times we might be more of a great nation of great sport spectators.

Two international events come to an end today.
For cycling it was the Tour Down Under in South Australia - It has become such an international event that Europeans filled the top 10 placings although an Australian, Simon Gerrans did win the Saturday's stage which is our official Australia Day. A bit like a Frenchman winning the Bastille Day stage in the Tour de France I guess.

The other big event is/was the Australian Tennis open held in Melbourne. Its still happening but I need to get up at 5.30 AM tomorrow morning to meet the boys so you will probably know the result before I do.
As I go to bed, Andy Murray is putting in a good performance.

Our Australia Day Weekend has been a mixed one with enjoyoying dinner both Saturday and Sunday nights with friend and going out to breakfast this morning - I really do need to wear off the kilograms with some kilometres so until Wednesday, I'll say goodnight.


  1. So much for Andy's great result, he well and truly blew it after winning the first set! Hope you had a good cycle ride with the boys :-) Have a good week. Diane

  2. Diane
    Andy lost!!!!! He was playing so well.


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