Friday, February 18, 2011

Saturday Song

Yes, I know I've featured John Farnham previously but I've been looking at You Tubes and I can't get over how many people he's sung with. John ventured out of Australia a few times but would get homesick. He travelled with Little River Band in the USA for awhile.
John has dueted with many international singers on their travels to Australia and they hold him in high regard.
He's an average likable bloke with an incredible voice - untrained would you believe.
I'll let him entertain you and go back to have my dinner -Sue is calling. Don't get excited, she's ordered in..
FISH and CHIPS tonight.

John with Vanetta Fields and Lindsay Fields
With Tom Jones
John, just having fun. Hope you are too.



  1. Good old John Farnham, thanks for sharing these clips. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Cathy - nice to hear from you. John still enjoys occasionally coming out of retirement and still seems to be a folksy type of bloke.
    I read you blog - hope you are enjoying Italy. We did a two weeks in 2006.

  3. I forgot that it is already saturday in OZ. Haveagoodweekend2!

  4. Nadege, 2morrow is Sunday and I'm indoors at the track all day.
    I'm missing a sunny Sunday - hope your weekend ends well.

  5. Great music and love it that you are having (or were)fish and chips for supper, ordered in though never heard of that before!


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