Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cars - Not always a boy thing.

During last year I did a post on the cars we have owned - Cars, It's a Boy Thing. Not sure how I link the article to this one but it doesn't matter I suppose.
Late last year we decided to hand down the Citroen Xantia to number 2 son - number 1 son hasn't got a driver's licence yet.

Previously I had a Peugeot 307 for my work car - it was great. So when it came time to replace Sue's car, a 307 was on the short list. The one that stood out was seriously optioned with leather, sunroof and the BIG 2 litre engine. We love it and on the weekends I leave my MGZT190 in the driveway and take the 307.

It's a really nice Pug 307 despite being silver.

But it feels really nice in the cockpit - leather, mock woodgrain and a spacious cabin.

We love having a sunroof since my 1949 Citroen Traction Avant. The Pug has one too.

My brutish MG and Sue's demure Pug.
Really this post is just an excuse to post an real Aussie Peugeot 307 advertisement.


  1. Oh no it is not a boy thing at all; we are both equally keen on cars. I have often wished I had trained to be a mechanic; I never had the qualifications to be a vet! Since we started renovating I wish I was a builder and electrician as well as a mechanic :))) My father was an engineer and owned his own garage and service station before moving to S.A. My late brother was also a mechanic so not sure why I did not follow the family trait. Perhaps I do know – I was horse mad and worked in stables, much as I loved it then it is not much use to me now :(((((
    Love the advert. Diane

  2. Diane - You're a real Bloke - in the nicest possible way. How lucky is your Husband.

  3. I agree with Diane, partly, I love cars but for the looks not the mechanics :)

  4. LLM - Alfas, Fiats, Italian cars Mamma Mia.......


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