Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Feline Foto

Our other cat is "Gem", she's a bit of a Princess and only just tolerates us. That is until she wants something. Sue initially adopted Rosita, the moggy but after awhile she decided she couldn't live without an Oriental.
So this Burmese was installed into the family home. She thinks it's her home.

Is it time to get up already? I'm still sleepy.

Whatever it is, I'm sure we can discuss it later.

It's been quite a hectic couple of weeks lately with work and play and I seem to be behind in my regular posts but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. I'm looking forward to posting our Wednesdays in France again next week.
Enjoy your weekend


  1. I miss having cats of our own, so always enjoy photos of other peoples, even if I cannot actualy hug them.

  2. I used to have a Burmese cat many years ago. She was from a rescue and came with the name "Sparky", which I decided to keep.
    She was very intelligent and rather aloof - choosy as to who she favoured with her company. She also got on very well with our standard poodle, Rufus, which is amazing since it was her home first. She lived to a grand old age and I haven't thought about her for a long time - thanks for prompting the memory.

  3. In my opinion cats are very nice people and Burmese cats x5.
    Leon mentioned that Gem thinks it's her home, which of course it is...I think he forgot to mention that she believes she has staff!
    Until his sad passing a few years ago, we also had a wolfhound who Gem ruled with a very firm paw. She would sit on the arm of our couch and if poor Murphy sat up at the wrong time he wold get a swipe..never with claws out, but enough to intimidate the poor boy. Our other cat Rosie was a good mate of the dog, but she doesn't suffer from the same superiority complex as does Gem.
    Lindy and Jean I'm sure that if Gem were a bit closer she would cuddle both of you. Rather than being aloof, she believes all attention is good attention, and hovers over all visitors to our house, especially those who don't like cats. At times we believe we can hear her snigger. Tsk..tsk..

  4. I simply adore oriental cats since 'meeting' two beautiful Siamese who lived with my host family in the UK when I stayed there in the seventies. Tishy was a bit aloof, but her son Toby was toooo adorable. Every night he would settle down in my lap to watch TV. But Toby was a big and heavy cat and after an hour or so my legs really felt numb!


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