Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday song - Well, not Really!!! Instrumental.

I mentioned in a post earlier in the week of a fellow cyclist I met at out State Masters Track Titles. I didn't mention him or his wife by name but now I know that he is FAMOUS, I get the chance to introduce Anton Wurzer to you. His wife is Loris and they make a lovely couple.
Anton sent me a rather obscure email to say he had something in the mail for me. I had no idea what this would be, but I thought it may be connected to our mutual passion for our sport.
But no!!!!!
He mentioned that besides cycling he had an interest in such things as racing motorcycles and playing the accordian. Yes, I agree with you, they do seem to have a connection, don't they?
Both of these passions were passed down by his father.

This morning (Friday) I worked from home in the morning and Sue brought in the mail. Lo and behold, there was the package that Anton had promised. It had a very nice hand written letter with it - unusual in this age.

He's quite handsome, isn't he???????????
 It was a CD recorded by him and Nicole Canham called "Live for Life". I wacked it in the CD stacker in my car and listened to it all the way to the office. I arrived there in a very happy mood.
Thanks Anton - The favor will be returned very soon - There will be a return present on the way to you next week. (You're not no only famous person who rides a bike)

 I found Anton on You Tube.


  1. Thanks to you and your new friend Anton for sharing this accordion music something different.

  2. I love accordion; not because of France but because of my Polish roots. Anton is a man of multiple talents.

  3. I believe Anton was from Bavaria and he was telling me as a child he would wear the traditional leather shorts and remembers the ribbing he would get back then in Australia. I don't think he would be getting a ribbing these days as he is quite a tall and imposing man.
    We are very fortunate in Australia with the many influences from other countries due to the immigration in the 50s.


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