Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Just a bit self indulgent - don't you think??

Not a great deal to blog about this weekend - other than the heavy rain that flooded our street Friday night after I arrived home. But you saw that didn't you.
My Saturday was taken up by a commitment to my Cycling Club. I had been invited to ride in the Victorian Club Teams Championships. This has riders from under 17's to us "Old Farts".
To see young and old supporting each other from all the other teams around the state gives you a really warm feeling. Win or lose, it's all positive with the occasional friendly jibing.

Yep, that's the Senior at the front but he only did the first lap anyway.

I don't understand jewellery but I do like GOLD.
Our team of Old Farts rode two events which started in qualifying initially. We actually qualified in our two events with the fastest times, but only marginally and the finals could have gone either way.
The Team Sprint event is a team of three riders over three laps of a 250 metre track. It's a pure speed event. The combined age needs to be 135 years plus. So my two team mates who are in their early 40s, needed to find someone with a Seniors card - that's me. I'm 61 in April so I qualify.
Without too much bravado - I'll just say we won!!!!

The Old Farts podium. We do like winning.
 The other event is the Team Pursuit - four riders with a total age of 180 years plus - enter the bloke with the Seniors card again. ME. I'm not much good at this 3000 metres endurence team event but we had a plan.
The plan was - let the old bloke put in a few quick efforts and then get rid of him so the young blokes can get down to business. It worked, we scored our second gold medal for the day.

I must say I was quite proud to be invited to be part of the team and thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was especially gratifying to see so many of our young girls and boys enjoying the team spirit - maybe down the track we may see them competing in some future Commonwealth or Olympic Games - I hope so.

I'll try to be a bit more humble next post.


  1. Congratulations, what a nice feeling to be standing at the top of the podium :))) Diane

  2. Leon I am delighted that it is not only me with a rotten memory LOL LOL Diane

  3. Good to see you smiling about the bike Leon :-) and bravo! on the bling

  4. Diane,
    It's the oncoming Championship period over the next 6 weeks both state and national. It's a good time to catch up with old competitive friends. We might be a little jaded by age but we still like to win (occasionally)...

  5. Hey Lawrence - you still lurking out there?
    I see by your blogging pic, you've become a horse's head. You are much too attractive to do that.
    C U Soon at the track.

  6. Congratulations! What a wonferful feeling it must be to compete in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

  7. Nadege - at my age its good to compete with no crowd.


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