Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old Blokes having Fun

It's been a very busy and very self indulgent weekend with a whole lot of OLD FARTS racing bikes in Lycra, not a pretty sight in some cases. What was a highlight though, was catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Old friends - I caught up with an old mate who decided to sell up in the suburbs of Melbourne and decentralize in rural Victoria, a thought that has crossed my mind occasionally. Seeing fellow bloggers who've done just that to us seems incredibly brave. Anyway this friend of mine now lives in Ballarat, a city with a rich history, the place of the Eureka Stockade - do a google, it was a very important part of our state's history.

New friends - Today I met a man and his wife from our political capital, the Australian Capital Territory of Australia, the ACT. He told me of his father coming to Australia from Bavaria in 1951 to create a new life for his family here. His father initially came on his own and when he established himself, he sent for his wife who came a year later. It was fascinating to hear his story but that's how things were done then for our new Australians.
He said his father read that there were jobs to be had and that they would be accommodated in hotels, in actual fact he misread it. It was Hostels...
His son whom I raced against today (he won by the way and I might not forgive him for this) has a life in Canberra and loves bike racing. Before he came into this sport, he race motor cycles. From leather to Lycra...what can I say, but his wife says he looks more attractive in leather.

This is what I love about my sport, at my age, we love the challenge, but we also encompass the friendships that come from it.

OK. next post we should talk more food, wine, history - I promise.
Well, maybe....


  1. Love this post. I have to agree with living rural though. This is what I enjoy about France. Not too many cars around when I am out cycling, but the beauty of the country (especially if I have the camera with me) can be a bit distracting and I am not sure that I come home having done much exercise!!!

  2. Interesting post.(The reason why I am reading french blogs is because I am wondering if I should move back to France, stay put or change state). This morning, I can write that I am so ready to move out of the US. 2 more years until my son is out of high school though.
    Tomorrow might be another story but
    just the fact that I am thinking about it is very telling. Time for a big change. 2 more years to go, 2more years to go...

  3. Well done on your medals Leon! Good riding, good racing!

  4. Diane - You've exercised your well-being. What could be more enjoyable than cycling thru the French Countryside with a camera.

  5. Nadege - what part of France would you "like" to move to?
    Go on, dream a little - can't hurt..

  6. Lawrence - thanks for your congrats.
    We need to discuss the girl thing of race entries - I have some ideas.

  7. Leon, I think I would move to the Southwest (Aveyron/Cantal/Tarn even maybe Ardeche. I would have to rent a place for almost a year before I make the big move.
    Or I can stay where I am, and rent a house in France for 9 months, then come back to the US, then 3 months later, rent another house somewhere else. Then I am not stuck in one city, or even one country. Of course, it all depends on finances too. If money was no problem, anything could be possible. One of my Aussie friend is moving back to Australia (near Brisbane). She is fed up of the US.

  8. I'll check out those areas out of interest Nadege. Why are you and your friend over USA?


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