Sunday, December 19, 2010

We're having a bit of a purple patch

A purple patch is a period of time when someone
 or something is successful and doing well.
Well, that's what our garden is doing at the moment - rain, sunshine, more rain and our garden is blooming. It's the best its been for years since the drought has broken. We have a Jacaranda tree that covers our back yard in an umbrella of purple blossom.
The Agapanthus are opening up to the warmth of summer and the lavender is creeping outside its normal boundaries.
It could be said that we are going through a purple patch.

The back yard invites us to what we hope will be many meals with friends on the new BBQ.

The wisteria continues to spread purple as well.
The Agapanthas guard the pathway.

The Agapanthus outside our bay window

There are other colours on our property -but maybe for another day.


  1. How lucky you are. We have one colour ony and that is white!!!!! Plus of course the cold that goes with it. Diane

  2. Diane,
    Would you believe, we had an electrical storm sweep through our state on Sunday and the high country had a sprinkling (10 cm) of snow. It's said in Melbourne that if you are bored with the weather, just wait for a while and it will change. I'm sure that the band Crowded House wrote the song, 4 Seasons in one day, wrote it about Melbourne.

  3. No kidding, there is a hole in my "purple patch" (lol).
    What a beautiful, inviting garden you have!
    BTW, I love "Crowded House". We went to see them at Universal amphitheater for their first US concert. We played their tape when we were visiting New-Zealand. Of course we already knew Tim Finn
    from our first trip to Australia.


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