Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Rain in the Lane Mainly Flows Down the Drain

Wednesday I decided I'd work from home - around 9.00 am the rains came and didn't stop all day. Not just drizzle but great huge buckets of torrential rain were tipped all over Melbourne and Victoria.

This is the water that flows less than one kilometre to our lovely Port Phillip Bay.
With it flows any garbage that thoughtless people may decide to empty
 from their vehicle instead of the recycling bin at home.
Our street became a small river as the flow of water either side of our street met in the middle. Any depression in the ground surface became a small pond. The front lawn took on the feel of a sodden carpet in a beer house.

And she said more wet weather to come.
 All this overflow finds its way down the drains taking with it rubbish from the gutters. The other day as I drove into my street I saw the packaging of a finished McDonald's meal. Rather than taking the rubbish home some person stopped at the corner, opened the car door to leave his/her garbage in OUR street. It's most probably now somewhere in OUR Port Phillip bay.

The forecast for the rest of the week looks like more wetness but with temperatures almost tropical.
 After all the rains we've had, I see our water reserves have now reached close to 53% capacity. That might not sound great but some of the dams are full capacity while some still need a top-up.

Scenes from the Melbourne torrential rains experienced this week.
 Hopefully the weekend will bring less rains because my lawns are growing very quickly. I think this weekend might be the time to purchase a motor mower. I love my push mower but the grass is longer and I'm older.
Friday night I'm taking my father to watch the bike racing at the indoor velodrome. There's a race on that I won in the early 70s that's been run since 1925. We'll do some father/son bonding over a Guinness or two.
Sunday Sue and I have a dinner to attend on Sunday night at an Indian Restaurant called "Roti Boti", how appropriate.
I can feel a weekend blog happening.


  1. Looks as if the torrential rains we had three weeks ago - with a lot of flooding in some areas - have moved South.
    Btw, I wasn't aware of the fact that there was a water shortage in OZ. Is this a recurrent problem?

  2. Hi there Ladybird. Yes, Australia suffers from regular drought periods which can last up to a decade. Probably 60% of Australia is quite arid and when the rains come, the deserts start to bloom, and wildlife flourish.
    Last year farmers complained of poor crops, now they can't get into their fields because of floods. And locusts are spreading from the northern regions down into our state of Victoria with the occasional locust being found in city Melbourne.

  3. Sorry teach me to read before hitting the 'to publish comment'!! A few slips of the finger!!

    I would be much happier with your rain and higher temperatures than our snow and minus figures :-( Sounds like it was a good day to work from home though.

    I gave up on a pushmower long ago when we had 3/4 of an acre to cut in S. Africa and not on the flat. Now in France I have gone one step further to a sit on mower, what luxury

    Enjoy the cycling and have a guiness for me please. Who is driving!! Diane

  4. I hope you are all ok as the Italian news has reported severe flooding in eastern Australia with fatalities.
    What ever is going on with the worlds weather!

  5. LLM,
    I wouldn't think Australia rated too highly in world news. Yes we've had so much rain after so little for many years. Two years ago it was the devastating bushfires on the outskirts of Melbourne.


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