Wednesday, December 01, 2010

OK, back on the scene now

Our broadband is back to normal speed now. Our internet contract is AUS$50 per month for 120G but 50G off peak. When the boys download their movies on peak, boy does it go quickly so we'll be monitoring much more closely from now on.
I'd be interested to know how it works for our overseas readers - having said that, welcome to two new followers, Dave and Cathy. Let's hear from you on comments
Work has been full on this week so we'll post again on the weekend with next Wednesday being stories on our 2008 trip to France - On that trip we took Tommy with us, our Tom Tom GPS. He's a GPS with a wicked sense of humour. I also took my bike on that trip.
We'll leave you with a photo of that trip and we'll talk again on Monday after the weekend.

Frogs legs in France
By the way, it's raining again in Melbourne.

Thought I might just add a couple of piccies from our Son, Mitchell's collection from recently when he went to a fireworks exhibition down the road on a local beach.
We think he has a bit of talent, don't you?


  1. Love those fireworks. We have fibre optic broad band, unlimited use plus our telephone for £17 per month. In the UK, not France!! Diane

  2. As you know Australia is behind the times here. The current Federal Government campaigned to put FOBB throughout most of Australia ëventually".
    We'll see if they keep that promise. Meanwhile we pay AUS$50 per month for 120 gig.

  3. Beautiful firework photographs, mine never look so good, these are impressive.


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