Thursday, December 02, 2010

St Kilda Junction - Pre War

Most days of the week I pass through St Kilda Junction, now just a wide expanse of road and traffic lights. Cars converge from many angles fighting for their particular lane on their way to and from inner Melbourne  city.
I'm old enough to vaguely remember what it was like before now, but only as a child in the back seat of my parent's car.
I found some old photographs on the internet courtesy of the National Library of Australia and so I have posted them for Funky Friday.

Check out the trams - we still have them running here but the old hotel is gone to widen the road.

And at one time, this was the view from the very top of the Hotel
looking down St Kilda Parade to Marvelous Melbourne.


  1. Sad that the hotel has gone but I guess that is called progress!! Diane

  2. These kind of photos always put me in a sentimental mood.

  3. Diane,
    Living near Beach Rd on Port Phillip Bay, I hardly recognise the street scene. So many houses have been demolished to make way for architect designed Graceland mansions with a view to the bay.
    Occasionally on my morning rides I see a lovely timber Edwardian or Victorian cottage and think how common place is now out of place.
    Maybe it could be a subject of a future blog.

  4. Olga,
    Welcome to our blog -m pleased to see your comment - sentimental is good...
    Popped into your blog and website - love your paintings. Fabulous colours.
    I'll visit more often.


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