Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Song

I like to read other people's blogs - you learn stuff, dont you?
Of the many blogs I read, one in particular, regularly has a Sunday song post. Mainly Italian of what I've seen to date, but recently I found a clip of the Beatles singing Paperback Writer in Italian.
Not that long ago Sue and I were shopping locally when we heard this music in the food shop that sold mostly Italian specialties. I asked what was playing and they explained that it was an internet radio station.
I have in my collection of CDs several french artists that i've discovered on our travels in france and a couple of Italian cds.
With some encouragement from our fellow blogger LLM, we will post a Saturday song from now on, mostly Australian and maybe some favourite overseas artists, possibly singing Australian songwriters songs.

When I was a young boy (how sad) we would go to the local music venues in Melbourne in the city. It was a great music scene in Melbourne in the 60s. We were growing up in a new explosion of music from England and because of our influx of immigration, the teenagers from the UK were bringing their music to Australia.
Three bands that emerged from UK immigrants that come to mind are the Easybeats (Friday on my mind), the Bee Bees and AC DC. I thought we might post a You Tube of each tonight.

The Easybeats - I saw this band in my teenage years around Melbourne.
They were full of energy.

The Bee Gees - I never saw them live but as kids, we watched them on Aussie TV.

AC DC - again a band full of energy. While riding through the streets of San Fransico in 79' I saw graffitti of the band's name on walls.

Tina Arena - she's a favourite of mine, a very talented lady whom started as a young child on Australian television. A very Melbourne child and proud of it regardless of her international fame.

Hope you enjoy a bit of Aussie music.
Let me know if you have any Aussie artists you like?


  1. I really like the Beegees !!!

    BTW: We have a holiday-special TV commercial here in Belgium promoting a new video game called 'Life with the Sims'! Are you trying to make some money on the side with a 'reality show'? LOL :)) Martine

  2. yes, i'm afraid its a burden living with international fame.

  3. I can enjoy these posts when in the UK but once in France I have had it, broad band too slow!! I have always had a problem with the Italian Sunday Song when in France.

    All of my younger years were spent in Zimbabwe and then later in S.Africa. Due to sanctions etc I never got to see any musical shows until I saw Queen at Sun City which was then in Bophuthatswana. This just bowled me over and I was so sad the day Freddie passed away. Diane

  4. Well I look forward to future posts being an Aussie overseas, to see what local music you highlight.

  5. Diane, Queen came to Australia in the 70s and played at the Woodstock type festival at Sunbury - it was all a bit too camp for the aussie rock fans at the time and they had a average reception. Things changed and they returned with big audiences. I have some Queen in my collection and an Elaine Paige doing Queen covers as well.

  6. Cathy - how do I find your blog & what part of Australia did you come from. We met some Aussies (Italian parents) who went to live in Chuisi in Tuscany when we were there in 2006.

  7. Sue & Leon - my blog is off the air at the moment. I was born in Melbourne, but I grew up mostly in Sydney (from age 7).


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