Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Festive Weekend

There was a time when our children were so excited about Christmas that we were woken at some ungodly hour of the morning before sunrise - today we need to drag our 22 and 25 year old out of bed by playing loud (very) Christmas carols.
It was a hugely over indulgent Christmas this year starting with breakfast at our home with close relatives. Fresh fruit platters and ham, pate and fresh bread rolls were washed down with Champagne and orange juice under the filtered shade of the flowering Jacaranda tree in our backyard.

Fresh fruit for a sunny Christmas morning breakfast with family.

Talking to my Father under the shade of the Jacaranda.
 After sending them all home around 10ish, it was time to prepare for the lunch which was also at our home.
Nine of us sat around the extended dining room table with turkey, pork and the most delicious baking tray of roast vegetables smothered in gravy. Desert of course was the traditional pudding or a trifle (or both if you were up to it by then).

Pork and Turkey for Christmas lunch with family.
 By mid afternoon the chairs, couches and even the floor seemed to be littered with relining bodies suffering from an over indulgence of superb food and wine.

Plating up by my Sister in-law Jan while Bro in-law carves.
 An early night might have been the wise thing to do but "Back to the Future III" was on TV and I just needed to watch it one more time.

Boxing day allowed me to burn off a few calories with an early morning ride before getting organised to visit friends, Peter and Lawrence on the other side of town - they live in Croydon at the foothills of Mount Dandenong.
Lawrence owns a horse called Maz. Sue loves horses and pre-me she loved riding regularly. I thought she would enjoy meeting my cycling friends and their horse. Prior to visiting Maz, we were treated to a great BBQ of meat and grilled veggies, yum, yum. Yes, more food.................

Maz being pampered by Lawrence and Sue.

Maz - a very affectionate horse with a lovely personality and so gorgeous.
 Maz is agisted in the northern hill country of Wonga Park. Its an area that has fond memories for me in my early cycling days. The rolling hills and views over the valleys are magic and I've cycled many kms there as a teenager and my 20s something period. Kangas and wallabies still bound through the hills.
As much as the Bay area is where Sue and I love living, the hills are still very special to me.

It's been a very enjoyable two days of Christmas and Boxing day - hope yours was the same.


  1. That food looks so good! I wouldn't mind a slice of watermelon right now! Happy Boxing day to you both! Martine

  2. We all know by now that Sue is an excellent cook. It all looks so appetizing.
    One more holiday to go!

  3. Martine - From what I read on your blog, watermelon may not be whay you need. How about a hot plum pudding with a flow of hot custard.

  4. Nadege - hope you also had a great Christmas. How is southcal this time of year. Are you need Manhattan Beach. I once raced there.

  5. Sounds and looks wonderful! Isn't it funny how the tables turn when the kids get older? :)

  6. Was great to have you and Sue over Leon. You'll laugh to know Maz and I played chasie with the kangaroos in her paddock this afternoon. She was a little puzzled as to why a prey animal should chase another prey animal (or was it vegan vs vegan??) but she enjoyed the romp!

  7. WCS - I'm sure you and I did the same as we grew up and as we grow older, we become our parents - that's good.

  8. Lawrence - wish we could have been there, used to do the same at Rob Roy in the Christmas Hills in the early daylight hours.
    Thanks for a memorable day. Sue can't wait until she might ride again.

  9. I saw all the rain you are having, particularly in Queensland. I know you need it, just like we do in SoCal. When it doesn't rain, the weather is lovely. Nights are cold but during the day, it can be warm.
    I live in Manhattan Beach but I know that on "live traffic feed" it is written I am "a visitor from Hermosa Beach, Ca". Few weeks ago, I was "a vistior from Ontario".
    I am not sure how those things work.


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