Friday, July 02, 2010

Not So Funky Friday

I had an SMS come thru Thursday night at 9.30 pm. My friend Grant said, meet you on the usual corner at 5.30 am for a ride before work. Now remember, Melbourne is in the depths of winter and being under the Doona seems like a better alternative for an extra 2 hours. Reading these blogs, you probably know I'm a committed cyclist (or should I just be committed).
Seeing that I was expected to be on the corner I dragged myself from the warmth of the Doona to meet my fellow cyclists at 5.30 am, yes you read correctly - 5.30 "AM".

We are not the only ones out at this ungodly hour - Beach Road, Melbourne is the a cycling mecca regardless of the hour. We arrived at 7.15 am after our ride and cyclist were already enjoying their first fix of caffine.

One of the good things about our morning rides is the COFFEE afterwards - cycling and coffee these days are linked, we ride - we have coffee. Oh yes, and raisin toast all for AUS$6.00. And that's a mug of coffee, not just a little dainty glass thingy.

About cycling and coffee being linked - friends of ours in the area on Beach Road opened a bike shop and cafe called VELOCINO. Just recently they had their signage erected and I was pretty impressed with the results. Very 3D.

The new sign looks very impressive over OUR bike/cafe.

I'm sure that the local birds (feathered variety) will enjoy looking down on us lycra clad humans, that is when they WAKE UP!!!!

So after a 50 km ride, coffee and raisin toast and off home for a shower, I find myself falling asleep at the office desk by 2.00 pm.

I wonder what the weekend will bring?
That's right, the Tour de France starts Sunday.


  1. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. The time you got up is when I should have been up, when I finally surfaced it was too hot to cycle. I have no excuse though to get out of it completely, the trainer is in the barn in the cool, trouble is the scenery is boring. BUT I don't keep stopping to take photos! I always work late here in summer in the garden as it is cooler, I then end up going to bed long past my usual time - again no real excuse to get up early!

    You may be interested in my site
    I do not cycle these distances any more and after my second bout of pneumonia in France last year I am a lot more careful how much I push myself. What I did enjoy this year was my night ride to the fireworks perhaps that is the answer, cycling after I have finished in the garden and then it is cool.

    Enough of my rambling, I will be back to read more. Diane

  2. How great to hear from you.
    I will look into your blogs and hope you do the same.
    Sue and I missed seeing more of Limoges and the surrounding areas on our way to Chinon back in 2009 but our travels thru France have added highlights to our life.
    Poitiers was also a favorite.

  3. Leon, On Sunday the Tour comes to Belgium and on Monday it goes from Brussels to Liège ... right across my daily route to work :((

  4. I know that, I know that!!!!!
    Why didn't I tell you.
    How exciting - will you see it?
    Welcome to being back on line.


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